Thursday, February 9, 2012

this week...

hey there.. it's thursday.. this week has had it's ahaa moments, its sad moments, and the moments when i reminded myself it's a big, big, world.  and i got flowers, beautiful flowers, from a very, very, unexpected source.  xo

how to make your day instantly better:

do something for someone else.
check your mailbox.
spend time outside (it's really a stress relief).
email a friend (they are only a few key strokes away).
play music loud.
cook a good meal.
make bread.
find a reason to laugh.
hug. and hug again.
hold the door for someone.
light your fireplace.
bargain with the universe.
help clean up.
take photos.
take a bubble bath.
read a good book.
appreciate the little things.
buy new lingerie.
try out a new recipe.
make art.
drink wine.
a good haircut (thank you nicole).
drink almond milk.
meet friends.
book a trip.
call your kids.
see a good movie.
send flowers to someone.
believe in little moments.

love sent, xo

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