Monday, February 6, 2012

the sun before the burn...

i usually like my weekends to be nicely balanced –  a little relaxation, some time for discovery (there are always restaurants on my must-try list), and a bit of work.
this weekend started out really nice and ended on a down note.  i guess that is balance alright but i like
it when the scale tips more towards mostly sunshine.
but ...  i found that a great day of fun and laughter always means a good  memory even if what follows is tough.  everyone wants to keep a good thing going as long as you can but nothing lasts forever.
when you share an evening with someone you know so well, someone that smiles at the stories you tell,  someone that you know beyond a shadow of  a doubt loves you very much - the sky looks bluer and you know it may take time but everything will be alright. walk the beach and look out over the water.  watch the waves as they rise and fall, you will find the answers there.  in the waves  if you listen still enough you always find the answer ...   or you can catch the next one.

love sent, xo

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