Tuesday, September 11, 2012

lean in to the moment...

today was one of "those" days.  i feel like i say that more often than not.
i am trying to make the most of every day.  i remind myself that every day
has good and bad in it.  work is challenging, there have been so many changes
over the past couple of years and everyone is pretty spent at this point. each day
is filled with struggle.  every person that stops by my office has the same story.
how will i ever get everything done?  maybe we need to stop over doing
everything?   over thinking everything, over analyzing everything?
the world spins on and on with a mute inexorability that is often the most violent and
the most beautiful thing i have ever witnessed.   it reminds me, over and over again, that
even as i lean into a moment,  and i realize its been a tough day,  the  golden light of a september
evening is now gone.

i read recently that your health is tied to the five people you spend the most time
with.  it directly affects your well being.  the message is to surround yourself
with positive people and positive images.  luckily i live with the most grounded person
on this planet.  someone who makes me laugh every single day.  someone who
reminds me that he "gets" me,  all the good parts, and all the bad parts.  he reminds me that
i can go through all the "what if scenarios" i want,  but no matter what,  everything is always changing.
tomorrow is a new day. 

love sent , xo

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