Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on the cusp of change...

last night i had dinner with some friends.  we talked about families and the threads that hold people together. 
hugs were exchanged and we shared the progress of the past many months.  everyone has a story, a journey that all of us make through the years.  some years are easier than others.  there is plenty of struggle but also
ample beauty.  there will be storm clouds, bright sun, coming together, and falling apart.  some times we have to let go of what we thought it was going to be to embrace an uncertain future.  a new life whose contours are unfamiliar can be hard -  but also very rewarding.   sometimes we have to clear out what was beginning to fade to make room for something not yet in view.  respect your past but look forward to the future.   make new traditions, new dynamics, make room for each other - all the differences and all the silmilarities.  that is what makes a family.  some families are born and others are blended.  some by blood others by magic.  everything is connected. 

love sent, xo