Monday, September 3, 2012

pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.. "mary oliver"

we are trying to hold on to the last of the golden sun soaked days.  this weekend was filled with amazing seafood. when you are this close to the ocean and you can tell it was just caught this morning = nothing better.  we are trying to bottle the tastes of an unforgettable summer.  we have tried to explore lots of new things.  the world,  even the smallest parts of it are filled with things you don't know.  even a small town is a place of mystery.  put yourself out there, talking and meeting new people is energizing...  put yourself in the middle of a tic tac toe grid, meet the people in the surrounding squares, find something out that is important to each of them,  it will make you grow. the relationships we develop in our lives make all of our life more meaningful.  nothing is more important than connection.  focus on the little things, they are what will make your heart stretch so big...    we are inching toward the end of summer...  please don't go...

love sent, xo

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