Sunday, September 23, 2012

simple thoughts...

sometimes my heart feels as if it's in a vice, this beautiful pain that i never knew existed before children.  all-emcompassing unconditional soul-filling love.  i have had children for a very long time now but it never ceases to amaze me how when they suffer i suffer too.
the past few days have been hard.  first, i should preface this by making sure everyone knows this is no
life threatening illness or tragedy.  it is however, about disappointment.  disappointment is all part of  day to day life.  sometimes life is unfair.  it's as simple as that.   but, when you know how hard someone has worked for something and it doesn't work out  - well, it hurts. big. painful. hurt.  but i believe (i have to) that this is a temporary stepping stone to something much better.  a time to clear out what just wasn't meant to be for something not yet visable. 

oh how sometimes i wish i could return to the days of sloppy kisses, hugged knees, dirty floors, and sand in the bottom of the bath tub.  a simpler time when hurt could be fixed with an ice cream.

love you to the moon and back,


Mother Hen Moe said...

"All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
Motherhood: an umbilical cord that is never truly severed; instead, one long roller coaster labor pain with very few deep breaths as we give our children "roots and wings." And then, the blessing of grandchildren!! Like a whispering echo, our hearts are bound up in theirs, forever. Sending a hug. Love, Moe XO

Anonymous said...

people often try to justify or comfort with..."there are bigger or better things to come". We know there will be, but for the moment, the pain of what we are suffering through sometimes clouds our view of the road ahead. I am always amazed at the bond of a mother and a child. Their pain is forever ours, their heart aches are ours, but most importantly, their triumphs are ours. Much love sent for many many triumphs ahead..xoxo