Friday, April 12, 2013

paper thoughts

sometimes things can seem overwhelming when there are so many things on your "to do"  list.  usually this happens to me on sunday nights when i realize how much is going on in the coming week.  i know this is certainly a tried and true way to get everything more in control but i sometimes forget to do it.
pull out a notepad and start writing down all of the things that are on your mind either small or large for the coming week.  instantly it feels more manageable.  so next time it feels like your tasks are piling up, open your eyes. get a pen and paper, write it down. include  as much detail as you can. close your eyes. use all your senses.  feel it. breath it in.  take your time. 

 trust what you see will all get done.

get a second piece of paper to write down all the downers and why nots. burn that one. tape the first one to your bathroom mirror, the coffee maker, the mailbox–or fold it up and tuck it into your back pocket, your wallet,  keep the words close to your heart.  

if things don't get done,  don't give up, there is always next week.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Great Idea! KT :)