Thursday, April 18, 2013

sustainable happiness...

this has been a really sad week.  so many people have been affected by the horrific events in boston.
the continuous coverage of the bombings has left such a huge heaviness in my heart.  now, we hear of the horrible events in texas.  i know that we will all continue to move forward.   when tragedy strikes it does feel like the world should stop, but tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day.   the flowers are starting to push their way up through the ground welcoming spring and we are forced to go on.  we will never be the same but how we choose to live in this world and where we find meaning is up to us.  there is so much that is beyond our control. what we can control is ourselves.  we can try to remember we are all connected here, "there will be no lasting peace for me until there is peace for you, no matter who you are".  this is a reminder to live each day to the best we can. be nicer, be kinder, be open, be aware, reach out and touch others. it so easily could have been me, or you or anyone we know at the finish line, no one is exempt. but there have also been some amazing stories of courage and compassion and that is where i will direct my thoughts. "love and kindness toward each other will lead us to better days"

love sent, xo

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