Tuesday, April 2, 2013

you know who you are...

                                             you are moving forward. 

                                                  one step at a time.

"expect to have hope rekindled.
expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways.
the dry seasons in life do not last.
the spring rains will come again."

it does get better. it never fully goes away. but, i can tell you with certainty... it gets much better. 
mostly I don't know how it happens.

evenutually it just passes.

 the changing weather will help.
spring signals many things, change -  and most importantly, a renewed faith of what might be.
believe that you are ballsy and adventurous and unyielding in your desire to just live. life. better. (which really means living. life. fuller).
take chances.

             you have to be more courageous than you think you have any right to be.
you have so much to offer. i wish you could see yourself as i see you.

                                                   soon we will be drinking wine on your new rooftop deck and laughing about old times.

  (we are totally doing this)

mostly, things will get better with the passing of time. and just seeing it through.

love you.

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