Sunday, April 14, 2013

weekend lens.

it's sunday night and i can't believe the weekend is over.  big sigh.  they go so fast.  but i like to think i make
the most of them.  we had a great quick visit with m.  it's amazing how cold it still is and how much snow they still have there.  they won their game (by a lot) and they raised money for charity, so it was all good. i even tried out my new camera with the super zoom and the shots from the field came out really clear.  especially for a compact camera.  i was really pleased.

we hit one of my favorite antique shops on the way to keene and i reminded myself i should get there more often. i purchased a few things (of course) one which will be a gift and another which will go to someone as a random act of kindness.  something i am participating in which i think is a great idea.

on the way home we managed to hit my most favorite restaurant of all time.  which i am always grateful to
tom for letting me know about this place.  it is an unlikely restaurant in this town.  it has a boston vibe in a tiny little place.  love, love it.  the gentleman seated next to me at the bar was an oyster ninja.  so, after listening to him chat with the bartender  i realized he knew a lot.   i asked his opinion on his favorite ones.  normally i always go for the crunchy oysters with soy hijiki cream.  he directed me to a couple i would like.  i have never been a raw oyster fan.  this is an oyster bar and on all my previous visits i have never ventured to try the raw ones.  well after talking with him i decided to chance it.  i must say he was totally on.  i probably wont be ordering them on a monthly basis but i am so glad i tried them. they were actually really, really good. the taste is great it's the texture i have a little trouble with.

these were really good, but my preference is to eat fall off the bone ribs. 

sunday was left to packing, or attempting to.  i am not good at packing.   i start out strong and then get
frustrated and go do something else.  or worse yet, go shopping and buy more things to bring so i can
confuse myself even more.  i find myself going back and forth worrying about what to wear.  it's silly really.
it will get done tho,  i am sure of it.  and i was reminded that "oh by the way" if need be,  i can buy whatever i might need after i get there... yeah...   even better.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend for sure.