Friday, May 31, 2013

let's find some time...

it's early and i didn't get much sleep.  but the sun is shinning on a beautiful new day.  i'm moving along believing summer is here and not wanting to rush it.  just a few days ago it was cold and rainy and now its going to be 90. i am getting really geared up for summer. i planted tomatoes and cucumbers and basil and eggplant... i am very excited about this project.  another weekend is here filled with lots to do.  i just want the whole nine yards.  then i get anxious that it will all go to fast. and it does - today is already the last day of may. how is that?
last night i was lucky enough to have dinner with a friend. someone i really enjoy spending time with. i guess i proved that because when i looked at my watch it was 11:00 - 5 hours had flown by. everyday it feels like no one has time for anything. but sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is time with someone. time with someone you can laugh with, and share stories with, and be enlightened by. someone you can get inspiration from.....and of course someone you can drink the first strawberry mojito of the season with!!
thanks Bob!

hope you can find some time today for an extra long lunch with someone who will make you feel it was worth it.  maybe you will eat tacos and drink margaritas.  don't forget to soak up the sunshine.


love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

As always, great to see you.