Wednesday, May 29, 2013

point and shoot...

wake up.  don't press snooze.  make today a great day.  put on some music,  music that lifts your spirits.   grab an outfit that makes you smile then jump right into today.

ordinary moments are happening all the time–do your  best to pay attention to them, and record them in some form, there’s no way to truly capture them all. i think of them like fireflies–marvel and appreciate the glow while it’s here; then let them go…photographs are one way to preserve the moment, to make it last. 

the weekend seems far away but it was a good one. the weather might not have been the best but the end of the weekend blessed us with a beautiful sunny day.  we prepared the yard for our exciting attempt at a vegetable garden.  i'll keep you posted on how it goes. i'm counting on it going really well :)
i will be painting the fence white and adding a little gate.  maybe even plant flowers around the outside.
how sweet would that be?

we did lots of shopping and tons of eating ( i know that is a surprise) and even a little exercise was thrown in for good measure.  we raised our glasses in celebration of the graduation of an amazing girl.  a hard working, never giving up, go for the gold kind of person. someone who makes the most of what she has and believes life is good.  i can't believe what she has accomplished this year.  congrats kelliann,  we are really proud of you. xo

love these girls.  we have celebrated so much good and lots of hard together.
missing janie...
     michaela finally arrived home from new york and we finally got to share some love for her 21st birthday. 
                                                                    love. love. love.  

memorial day is typically spent hosting and attending BBQ's but it is also a time of reflection and thanks for those that gave so much. 
i wiped away a tear when i saw my friend at fenway park with a bouquet of flowers being honored as the mom of a veteran,  a beautiful tribute to ladies that truly know the price of freedom. irene you are a beautiful person.  thank you red sox you are a class act.  

                 you always have to kick off summer with some lobster, some drinks and some s'mores.

                                                hope your start to summer was a good one.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

You always make my day brighter.

Anonymous said...

You really know how to live it up!! Your vegetable garden is so cute KT :)

Anonymous said...

Love You my friend

Anonymous said...

OMG a veggie garden. You and Tony know how to enjoy life whatever comes your way. You are an amazing friend. Here's to a great summer in New England and I hope in my new home in Florida. :-) (pon