Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend lens...

i know time is constant but it sure speeds by when you take time to think about it.  weren't we just ringing in the new year?  gosh it's past the middle of may  -  2013 is almost half over. this past weekend we tried to make the most of every minute.  we took a quick trip up north and,  as always once we got there
i was so glad we took the ride.  these were my favorite five things of the weekend.

wishing my baby girl a happy, happy 21st birthday.  once she gets home from her new york tour we
will celebrate like there is no tomorrow.  love you sweet one, to the moon and back. 
again, not sure where this time has gone.

looking through old pictures and finding this sweet face.  cake and all.  melts my heart.

the lilacs up north were just amazing.  they are my favorite flower and they were spectacular this weekend.

this amazing spot.  our favorite place, perfect picnic location.

dinner at stone manor,  a great little b&b.  the view is just beautiful and the atmosphere is so welcoming.
it was even still chilly enough for the fire place to be on...

the bruins winning the second game of the series!!   

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

OMG isnt she flippin adorable!!! Hope she had a good bday!!

Anonymous said...

OOPs forgot to put KT :) after that

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful inside and out.