Thursday, January 2, 2014

what i know...

here we are with a blank slate.  a new beginning,  a brand new year.   we are in the middle of a snow storm which left me with a totally free unexpected day to do whatever i wanted.  so, of course there was baking and reading and totally being in the moment.  there was time for reflection too.

i have some reflections on 2013.  some things i know and some things i need to keep re-learning over and over again.
  • you can't change people, i wish it was different but it never will be.  it's a life lesson that i continue to struggle with.
  • usually my intuition is extremely accurate.  i need to let go of what i can not control and to be confident in my gut feelings.
  • the sky at this time of year can often bring me to my knees with its beauty.
  • i will never get tired of taking pictures of food.
  • i love music and it can easily alter my mood, usually in the best way.
  • i will never stop worrying about my kids.
  • life grabs my attention and holds it.
  • my family has taught me some important lessons i never knew i needed.
  • families weren't made to be perfect, we all have our faults and our good parts.
  • the truest friends are those who are there beside you when things go poorly and when things go well.  a true friend will never abandon you.
  • i hate cancer and all it has done to so many people i love.
  • sometimes i miss people so much it makes me physically hurt.
  • nothing matters unless you are near the people you love.
  • our safety rests in the instinct to believe in the best of each other.
  • what ever makes you feel bad leave it - whatever makes you smile keep it.
love sent, xo


Christine Caetano said...

Thanks for sharing your list with us....always makes me think and makes me thankful for much! Love to you and yours...Happy Happy 2014!

Anonymous said...

:) KT