Saturday, March 7, 2009


can you say holy crap??? for a very,very, long time i have wanted to knock down the wall that is between by kitchen and my dining room. you see our kitchen is small and i am not a formal kind of dining room person. i love to entertain but not formally so. so.... i don't really need a formal eating space. i wanted an open space. so if we knocked the wall down in between the kitchen and dining spaces it would open it up and be airy and sunny and i would love it. and.... i know i am going to love it - eventually. i just hate BIG messes and... well you can imagine wallboard dust and electrical plugs being moved and cabinets being emptied can make for... well yes quite the mess... but i am ready and i can already tell that this is worth it... the sun shining in this morning is fabulous it is so bright. and it is going to be 50 today !!!! oh spring I can feel you .. and tonight don't forget to turn the clocks ahead. we have a birthday party later today for the sweetest little boy in the world and dinner tonight with some great friends at a really sweet little restaurant we haven't visited for a while. well.. i am off to go look for some flooring....i am thinking wide wood pine country look.

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