Thursday, March 12, 2009

on tuesday

i needed a superhero… and someone saved my life – you know who you are.
thank you… xo

“if i wasn’t hurting so much i would think i was dead”

i am chewing on a really crusty bagel, it was purchased by the cfo - our finance department has a great set up where every thursday some manager buys bagels and even the cfo is not exempt - a plastic bagel is hung on your office/cube the night before it's your turn and you know you are IT. although secretly i know the wife of the cfo is really the purchaser… it’s a nice gesture. today i am happy to have this bagel, i chew down hard and take out some of the frustration of the week. some weeks are better than others and this has not been the best one. i am trying to live with the long view - sometimes uncertainty can be overwhelming and you need someone to help you through. often the potential good that is incubating during an uncertain time will reveal itself only with the passing of time. we have to devote ourselves to making the best of whatever comes our way. it’s march and it’s always a month of change, it signals the end of a cold dark winter and the coming of a warmer brighter spring. i love to see the crocus peek out from the earth, they bring me hope of lighter days. days with more sunshine and warmth. these flowers know that they have had to turn inward and endure hard times but this doesn’t stop them from being strong and pushing forward and fulfilling their beautiful potential. i will look to them for inspiration. often times throughout the cold months of winter these flowers not only survive but grown and become stronger. i want to enjoy every good day i have, it can’t be over shadowed with sadness. i want my trials to motivate me to be brighter and stronger during the good times rather than live in fear of another “winter”. as march transitions from winter to spring it doesn’t mean there will not be more blizzards - you can look to monday to know that. and it doesn’t mean there will be no more rainstorms but it does mean that more sunny days are on their way.
i hate sadness and i avoid it whenever possible but lately there have been some
rough patches… so i am reaching down to find my courage – i know it is there. i just have to shuffle a few things around…. the months are changing and so am i...

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