Friday, March 20, 2009

i am trying ....

i have been such a bad blogger lately. the kitchen project has taken up so much time. and i can't say i have hit the fun part. i have spent endless hours cleaning up dust and that is NOT fun. but like i said before - patience. i haven't blogged in so long i forget where i am at. i did go to see dirty dancing and i would give it a B- the scenery was amazing it truly was but the musical itself was a bit slow. not like abba when after seeing that i wanted to go back the very next night. if you have a choice i would save my money and go see jersey boys later this summer. since i last spoke we had another movie night at my neighbor kayes. another great success. we watched the holiday and it's such a good movie, i love a sweet love story. we also went to see slumdog millionaire which was a really good take. some of the scenes are disturbing tho, the poverty and some of the violence was hard to watch.

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