Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh what a night...


joe and kim. the bride and groom looked beautiful and everyone had such a wonderful time. thanks joe and stacey for having us. it's really hard for us to believe the kids are heading out on their own - starting their own journeys. i wish them a lifetime of happiness, hold on to the way you feel today - forever. you could feel their joy just being next to them seeing the way they look at each other.
these friends have been friends for decades so the partying just goes on and on. the history is something people would die for. these people know what F.U.N. means for sure....the love, the friendship, the caring for each other is amazing. and now as the next generation moves forward we can only wish them the luck and happiness most of us have been fortunate enough to share.

kara i know you didn't want to be on the blog but you looked to cute to miss...

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Stacey Herman said...

Thanks so much Dee. These are great!! You are quite the photographer....Can I copy and paste these?