Tuesday, March 24, 2009

restaurant week...

so if it weren't for vinny i would have missed restaurant week and i would have hated that. but lucky for me vinny looks out for us. he called to ask if we were interested in going to ruth's chris steak house. he just so happened to have a reservation available. i had heard a lot of good things about it. even though it was monday night we rallied (what a surprise) and we took the trip to boston. the wind chill was only at about zero degrees so what the heck. honestly i could not believe how cold it was. it felt like a january day instead of the end of march. but... i have to say it was worth it. it was by far the best steak i have ever had. it must have been all the butter they cook it in. so i cast my cholesterol worries aside and devoured it. and all of you who know me so well know how much i worry about these things :)
ruth's chris is located in the old city hall building, it's a cool building and i loved the little white lights on the trees outside. vinny is always open to fun and new things i like being on his list of people to call when you want to do something -especially eating. he always knows the best places.... thanks vinny for another memorable night.

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