Monday, May 18, 2009

and the celebrations continue...

today my dad is 85

who he is...
an engineer
caring & loving
smartest man i know
bluest eyes you have ever seen
big & gentle
family first
looks out for mom
gives great hugs
loves irish music and his irish heritage
loves those boston sports teams - especially the red sox
reads the paper back to back
likes the comics
books books & and more books
fixer of everything
dad, grandpa, great grandpa
proud of his children
the crossword puzzle king
has an infectious laugh
rolls his eyes when he takes a bite (stephen do your imitation)
never saw him loose his temper - ever
loves roasted peanuts
you know he loves you
he is patient
he shares his birthday with two grandchildren
doesn't mind my run on sentences and no capitals in my blog
spelling fanatic
math whiz
isn't into fashion
his shirts must have pockets
white socks and sneakers
always looking to improve his golf game
humble so very, very, humble....

our one & only wouldn't trade for anything !
he is amazing just ask any one of his children.

Grandpa & Michaela

i love you dad !!! xox


Enna said...

that is soo incredibly sweet.
he's lucky to have you

Enna said...
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