Friday, May 8, 2009

my best friend... the mom of 10!

do you lie in bed at night with thoughts swirling through your head of all the things you need to do, bills to pay, people to call, work to finish, things to blog about, etc etc.? well I do and then i am to tired to drag this body back out of bed to write these things down. then magically - poof - in the morning it’s all vanished - yup – gone. until the next night when it starts again only new thoughts to think about and so it goes. sometimes i might remember a thought or two but not often. last night was about the mother's day post i plan to write about my mom who is... well….. I am saving that for tomorrow - look at that I am planning ahead. those of you who really know me know that planning ahead is not my thing.
so tomorrow look for the post on MY mom

today i want to write about my friend who is the mother of all mothers. i am not kidding - you know who you are, everyone knows who you are, the baby maker, bottle fixer, tear wiper, taxi driver, deal sealer, all the things all mothers are x 10. yup that’s right 10! last year on april fools day she delivered her 10th baby (you read it right) 10 uteran tenants. the nurse on duty that day walked into her room and said "this chart says this is your 10th baby" my colleagues are so funny the nurse chirps, nice april fools joke – no, really, my friend says, in her sweet voice ( a voice that couldn’t possibly be raising 10 children) it really is my 10th. i am certain this nurse is still talking about this and will be for a long time to come. my first introduction to this wonder woman was one day many years ago on - what else? a school field trip. at that time, with her camera in hand i asked; is this your first? when she replied no it's my 4th, i nearly fell over - since that day and in the years that have ensued she has amazed me over and over. recently i received a picture of baby #10's first birthday party, the table was decorated , the cake and intricate details appeared to be that of an only child. did i say she is amazing?
when she announced a few years ago that the family was packing up and moving a 4 hour plane ride away - i cried. please, please don’t go, it will never be the same without you – and it isn’t. thankfully for the internet we get to chat lots of times a week. in any case, i have never met a person that could ever pull off this feat and look as good as she looks and do all the things she does. she remembers everything from your birthday to your families accomplishments, the anniversary of a sad event and everything in between. she makes all the people in her life feel so important.. .. i miss her every day. so today my wish for you my friend is to be made to feel important. i wish you few domestic chores, some time to relax and enjoy the people you love the most.
Happy Happy Mother’s Day! xo

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Anonymous said...

my dearest and best friend dee, thank you so much for making me feel like a queen. You know how much i love ya. Friends like you make my life full.