Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and the beat goes on...

this is a follow up from yesterday's post. when i called my parents to wish them a happy anniversary they were not home then at 9pm they still were NOT home. i thought seniors go to dinner at 3-4pm. nope. not them. they were probably whopping it up down at the town center taking pictures of eachother. if they weren't a plane ride away i would have gone over to take them out to dinner and make sure they were in at a reasonable time. dinner will have to wait until our visit.
i thought you would like to see the happy couple today. well a couple of months ago, they don't dress up like this everyday. remember i told you earlier about dad - white socks and sneakers.
didn't they hold up really well?

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Anonymous said...

Both are still "Beautiful and Handsome" as they were in '46.