Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hostess gift idea...

i know that thanksgiving is only 2 days away but i had to share the cutest little hostess
gift idea.  it honestly will only take you an hour and it is so cute.
what you will need:
some polyester leaves (you can find them  at michael's or a.c. moore etc.)
clear melt and pour soap (again,  your craft supply store)
fragrance oil
measuring cup
wax paper
put your soap into the microwave...
add your fragrance oil and stir
take your tweezers and grab a leaf  or.. you can leave abit of the stem on to hold on to
then dip into soap making sure it is totally covered.

place on wax paper to cool

once they are all dry put them in a little dish next to the sink, your guests can grab a leaf
lather up and then throw away.

tie a few up in cellophane bags, makes a great hostess gift.

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