Monday, November 22, 2010


the weekend brought my sweet friend L home for a quick visit. we crammed in a lot of love in a couple
of days. we laughed, we cried, ate great food, toasted, traded recipes and hugs, drank lattes and mimosas,
early christmas gifts were given, lots to be thankful for.

i am  looking forward to thanksgiving and the week ahead spending time with family and friends.   i am hoping to make this week one of conscious thankfulness. i heard today that being grateful is a step ahead of being thankful. gratefulness is thankfulness in action. i hope to do small things to show my gratitude; to be more thoughtful, kind-hearted and patient.   it's such a small thing that can make someone feel so good.  my mom has been staying with us and she is the most grateful person i know.

love sent,


Anonymous said...

love you girl xxoo

Anonymous said...

She really is.. You are so lucky.