Tuesday, December 21, 2010

happy tuesday before christmas my friends....

last night there was a dusting of snow.  i know many of you have gotten slammed but we have not,  as of yet,  had any siginificant snow.  the dusting was perfect for helping me find my christmas spirit.  walking along with
little flakes fluttering down is just beautiful.  a big fat blizzard if you can sit home in front of the fire is also awesome....  but seeing as there is still christmas shopping to do it's best if the big fat snow holds off for a few more days...  every year christmas sneaks up on me - well it just seems to anyway.  i still have a few more things to do.  but tonight i am going to hang out with the girls for my annual cookie swap. tonight is for fun and celebrating and enjoying each other. the only thing that will be different is there are no "cookies" this year.   this year we changed it up a bit to a " favorite things" swap.  inspired by oprah's favorite things i decided to give it a try on a different scale ... there probably won't be any car give a ways.  but... i bet there will be some fun and interesting things.  i will be back tomorrow with pictures.
until then,  have a happy day.  xo

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