Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hey there...

good morning!   it's 6:43 i feel like i just went to bed.  i think i sort of did just go to bed. but that is what
happens at this time of year... you can't get much sleep and enjoy all the festivities, it's one or the other...

last nights party was a big success. mini gingerbread martini's were the favorite.   i have the best friends in the whole wide world.  i am not kidding.
l. u. c.k.y. that is what i am.  i think everyone really enjoyed the favorite things swap, it was a great  change of pace.  i scored a couple of great things.... and some special gifts because all of you are so sweet...  thanks.  there is a chalk board in my kitchen that m is counting down the days until christmas i gotta tell you it's scares me ... 3 days left !  I am hosting christmas and i gotta get some things together.  but i wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming and happy holidays to all.  i gotta run
my cookie dough is chilling and i have to pop some cookies in the oven.  xo

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Anonymous said...

wish i was there!!! my favorite time of year, especially with good friends xxoo