Sunday, December 5, 2010

december plan...

i read about a little project and thought it was a great idea  for this blog during the month of december. 
something plain, simple and fun. a month full of favorites.  i will share whatever dances in my head.
not necessarily everything on the image below.  i will share blogs, recipes, utube videos, etc.  anything
i think is a favorite.  there will probably  still be posts woven in and out.
there is a ton more but i couldn't fit it on this page.

oprah did post her favorite things list and i hope you - you know who you are- are coming
up with your favorite things too. 

love sent,


Anonymous said...

I am working on my "favorite things"

Anonymous said...

I am working on my favorite things as well, I just have so many favorite things,I don't know where to begin! I did pick up one little something today for favorite things..just not enough..tomorrow I will continue with my search. See you on the 21st!

Anonymous said...

you too xxoo