Friday, January 28, 2011

morning comes...

and life moves on...
how can another week be coming to a close?   i have started to blog about 10 times this
week but something always comes up.  something distracts me and then another day
happens. this past sunday it was 3 months since my dad passed away.  it's very hard to
believe.   my mom is back home trying to fit into her new life.   i can hear in her voice a piece
is missing.  she is one half of the whole -  it takes time to learn how to figure out the newness. 
like a puzzle trying to figure out where she fits.  she doesn't let me think she is anything but fine,
but i can feel the spaces. we go back again and again to these places of the past.  sometimes
they bring pleasure and sometimes they bring pain.  to look forward and back at the same time. 
we look at the world with the spaces in between. we are still "us" here in this world and we are
left to keep on  moving and we do.  our lives are made up in these small hours and we keep
chasing the years. 
  wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.  i am planning to:
         revisit the farmers market. have lunch with some special ladies. take some photos.
          start an office re-do project.  attempt a new bread recipe.  flip through some magazines
                        and hopefully find some fun valentine projects.  stay snug and warm. 

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Love You.