Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day = heaven

today was an awesome day -  totally awesome day.  a day snowed in and productive.
sleeping in and a long steamy shower  -  crispy potato pancakes
a day for   cleaning closets   and washing sheets
a day for   taking photos     and reading magazines

baking cookies and
baking bread  
catching up and   writing notes   

making dinner   and    bringing treats to neighbors

making snow angels wfm
 and being mesmorized by the fireplace 

                                  enjoying the beauty of it all   -  wish every day was a snow day...

                                                                       and as m says...

love sent, xo


cathycan said...

oh my goodness! catching up on your blog and I am now starving! Yes, I had dinner a few hours ago, but your pictures of comfort food...! You must be a terrific cook!

Anonymous said...