Thursday, February 3, 2011

on a gray day...

make sunshine...
you really have to make your own, especially at this time of year.  the gray skies have
been dumping snow day after day.  it seems to take hours to make the short ride to work.
i have even opted to work from home a few days which i could really get used to.  my blog is
turning into a food blog. if it doesn't stop snowing i am honestly not going to fit into my clothes.
cook, eat, repeat, and so it goes. the only exercise i am getting is opening and closing the oven door. 
it does keep the house extra warm tho and  it is new england and it is winter.   the chinmeys are working hard to keep their owners warm and cozy.   the branches are undressed except for the layers of snow and ice. they do look beautiful -  they are not yet ready for the spring party.  but spring is close  - or at least that is what the groundhog says. until then,  we will  make our own sunshine and your own sunshine applies to a lot of things in life.  we aren't handed golden rays of  opportunity, nothing is really free. you have to make it happen. work hard to create it, put care and  thought into our lives,  make everyday connections with friends and family.  it's an ongoing process.
today i am having to work really hard at this.  it's just one of those days....   and it's nothing major - just all life stuff that is making me feel...  well, gray.  but i read a quote this morning that helped and it said "the person who has the ability to look beyond gray skies toward the sun (which is out there) its just waiting to make its grand entrance is the richest most successful man on earth."   well i am looking - and i remind myself that it's not the smartest, the richest or the best who have a good life it's the  person who deeply appreciates what they have been given. 

love sent, xo

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