Saturday, February 12, 2011


someplace... somehow... we will all be together once again, and only then will it be spring for me
because i love you so" .  these were the words that father tony read yesterday at my aunts funeral. 
they were words that she herself  wrote after the automobile accident that claimed  her young
son's life so many years ago.  she is now  reunited with him and all the others that have gone before
her.  the service was a tribute to her life.  there were so many wonderful days to remember.  at 80
her poetry book was published - she is a true measure to never give up your dreams.  as her oldest
son read -  he said:  she was a woman with many dimensions, many facets,  just  like a diamond.  a
diamond cut from rough crystal but shone all of her life.  she has left a legacy of love and words to
live by.  and again, how ironic that her own words would be most moving during her final farewell. 
this poem she wrote when her own mother left this earth.

dear god:  she's gone.
how very  many things are different now.
how much i have lost that i will never know again.
i feel the scalding tears well up and blur my sight.
then gauge their path in burning rivulets to fall upon the ground before my feet.
i make no small attempt to hide their flow,
for i am not ashamed i loved her so!
and mothers are so precious that you give us only one.
i'm glad you gave me her.  no other one in all this world would have been right for me.
you knew that didn't you? 
i hope i made her happy while i could... and proud, i think i did.
please, god,  do all the little things for her i can no longer do.
it won't take too much of your time.  she never asked for much,
she won't complain, i never knew her to.
make sure she has the rest she needed so.. and grant her peace,
she's earned it god,  i know! watch over her until i come... and then...
please give her back to me, my understanding god - amen.                                                                      
                                                               aquinas m. aalto
                                                      may 2, 1921 - feb 8, 2011


Anonymous said...

dee you always spoke so highly and fondly of your dear aunt. she was a gifted woman who i am sure has inspired many..i have a wonderful dear friend who possesses so much of the talent this fine woman was blessed with. thinking of you xxoo

Anonymous said...

She was quite the character and always joking, always making people smile. She will be greatly missed, love to you and your family.