Sunday, February 6, 2011

life is at your front door knocking...

much much stress comes from wanting to make things happen before their times have come....
instead of dashing headlong toward your goal, slow down and enjoy the journey... "sarah young"

i don't know what slowing down and enjoying the journey looks like for you on a sunday morning
in february.  but i know what it isn't.  it isn't about worrying about what tomorrow will bring,
it isn't shaming yourself into better or more productive behaviour, it isn't about holding on to fear, and it isn't
about firing yourself into the future like a cannon ball.  it's about enjoying today in all its splendor. it's sunny, its a day off,  and i am looking forward to a speical little dinner celebration later today for my sweet c before she goes into the hospital later this week for her surgery.  i know it's super bowl sunday and i know we
are probably suppose to be watching the game but... we will be chatting and catching up with each other
since nanc is finally back in the country for  5 minutes....we will be checking out Jane's new boots that she finally bought before winter packed its bags and went home.  the super bowl will be on in the backdrop and we will catch the half time show and we will check our squares to see how we are doing.  but mostly we will be cheering each other on and making sure c knows that we are all here rooting for her speedy recovery...

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do! I had a great time with the best of friends. You make my going through such a difficult time so much better. Time for me to go beat this once again and look forward to giving back this summer. Love your bff!