Monday, February 7, 2011

todays story...

                                                            a page from the last 24 hours looked like this...

1. a wonderful evening with my bff's
2. a happy phone call from mom
3. hitting the snooze button three times
4. a mean email
5. a great email -  telling me i won the football pool !!!yeah....
6. a sad email  - stating that the CEO where i worked for years had passed away. but what a ride he had, he lived such a great life and cared so deeply for people. rip ko
7. a starbucks vanilla latte delivered to my office xo
8. a visit from a friend who always makes me laugh
9. getting everything finished for a deadline
10. a sweet text that made me smile

                               today means that we have survived all the yesterdays that make up our lifes story.

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