Monday, August 22, 2011

drinks i dream about...

about a year ago leonor told me about this drink she loves called bubble tea...what? bubble tea?  never heard of it.  but, of course i had to try it.  it's kind of a dessert drink she says.  i should have left well enough alone.  now i have cravings for this drink.  and honestly, it must have 1000 calories.  but worth it. i would not attempt to make it on my own it's a little complicated.  but if you get the chance try it. if you are adventurous and want to make it on your own.  here is how to do it.
 my favorite is coconut.

and it will look like this...
and you will start craving it too.

love sent, xo

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Leonor said...

They are amazing! Amazingly addicting! Coconut is my favorite too!!!