Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hurricane irene...

 hurricane irene came and went without too much hype, let's just say there was a    huge amount of hype, it just didn't amount to what they predicted.   at least in these parts. although i am sure my boys would not agree as they have no power and word is it wont be restored until the weekend.

i didn't want to look out my window this morning because i knew what i would find  -  the end of summer.   the long days and the short nights just rotate so quickly.  when we brought m back to school on sat i knew summer was coming to an end.  you can feel those late august days, the cool nights - the ones that are perfect for sleeping.   mornings are darker now, and you can feel that fall is near.  as i look toward earlier sunsets and football games and before i pack away my summer beach chair, i'd like to pay tribute to what this summer was to me.  besides really, really, quick.   it was filled with sweet memories, great moonlit nights, fire pits, fireflys and many memorable  thunderstorms.   this summer i learned the difference between a trip and a vacation and both are photo worthy.  take this window of time and frame it in your memory.  hang on to the end of summer, moment by moment.   make it last a little longer.   enjoy every trip and every vacation. 

   "live each season as it passes -  breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each"  -  henry david thoreau

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