Thursday, August 18, 2011

rush rush...

as i rush through my days to meet my deadlines i feel like a hampster on a wheel.    i know most of you are like me and feel like there are never enough hours in the day.  sometimes i hear a voice whispering to my heart to slow down.  there is more to the story than the colors behind it.  i was in a meeting yesterday and we were reviewing the usual monthly projects.  since being acquired a year ago everyone has been on overload.  each day priorities change, so many things are needed on such short notice, anxiety levels are so high.  people are only thinking about themselves.   the reports reflect lots of "red"  areas which indicate trouble. it looks like progress is not being made.  but everyone is so panicked about what "needs" to be done they sometimes aren't seeing all that has been accomplished in a relatively short time.  i try to remind myself that our worth is not based on just our ability to produce results.  there is so much more.  i feel that the most important "done" in my life is not the one i hope to write on my to do list at the end of the day.  it is the one i hope to hear at the end of my life.  the one that says "well done",  you lived well, you cared, you did your best,  but most important,  you were loved,  and that is all that matters,  no matter how many items are left uncheked on my list.

love sent, xoxo

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Anonymous said...

ooh are loved by so many. there will be no hesitation on that one or any other aspects of "you" ;)xxxoo