Sunday, August 28, 2011

year two...

and my house is silent again.
there was lots of packing. 

                                  lots of reminders to be smart, and have fun, and remember to call.
                                                                                 lots of hugs

it doesn't take long to jump right into your new space.
 and it's a pretty nice space -  bright and sunny.
the campus was beautiful, flowers were everywhere.

and i never pass a birch tree without knowing that my dad is always looking out for us.

then she told us she was all set.   i guess that meant we could head home. 
we drove to a town close by for lunch.  its a cool little spot, college towny kind of place.
             a locals kind of hang out.  but i am sure other people go there to grab a bite to eat after dropping off their kids at school and they talk about how fast time is moving.

then back at home after my eyes dried up and the kitchen was cleaned, i fell asleep with that feeling that i was emptied out, spent and maybe just a tiny bit sad for all of the remnant thoughts and worries in my head. but i was also filled to the brim with every kind of goodness.
                                                                            it was a good day.

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Anonymous said...

it felt like i was right there with you..every step of the way. such a beautiful spot for mic to enjoy her college years and mom and dad too ;)