Tuesday, August 9, 2011

looking forward and backward ...

like a highway drive.  it's been crazy busy here. our vacation was great. we were road tripping like crazy.
totally unlike any other year but awesome in its own way. just what i needed, change. and it worked.
it really rocked me into knowing that there is a great bright road ahead and a great sunset in the rear view.
it's all good. i realize that all the dots in your life are connected. how one decision leads you to another
and how one twist of fate good or bad brings you to a door that takes you to another door which aided by several detours, long hallways, and unforeseen stairwells eventually puts you in the place you are now.
and now is good.

things that made me smile today

matt kearneys new cd
listening to summer rain
a sweet waiter at dinner
my sweet friends coming through to support my little neighbors venture
a new book
soft comfy sheets
and knowing tomorrow is half way through the work week

a few favorite photos from vacation

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cathycan said...

that would be my dream trip, looks just perfect!