Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i believe.

believing is an act of love.

what do i believe in tonight?  i believe in certain people.  i believe that the light will come back.
i have hope that they are trying.  i believe you can fall and still fly again. i believe in positive energy.
i believe that if you fall you can be okay, in some instances you might even be better than before.

i believe that life is made up of those moments to hang on to that most often take your breath away.  i believe if we walk in this world with our hearts open we can conquer anything.  i believe that most people are doing their best.

what do you believe in?

maine - december 2013

love sent, xo


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Anonymous said...

I believe in Santa.

Christine Caetano said...

:) I believe that you brighten people's days regularly with these great posts!!!!