Saturday, December 28, 2013

gratitude and love...

i just can't sleep  - i have been  awake for hours thinking and going over things in my head.
it's still dark as i type this  -  i look out the window at the street light bouncing off the snow and i
know that in a few hours i will be brewing coffee, planning out the day and confronting the piles of gifts that need to be put away.
but just for a moment i was thinking of the gifts that weren't wrapped that we shared and received over christmas.  my mom got really sick shortly after she arrived and in that moment everything changed.  all of us shifted everything we had been doing to be with her and share in her care.
there were a few days where we were certain that the outcome was not going to be good.  sitting in that hospital room  there were some tense times where all of us showed our stress, short tempers, panic and frustration.  but in the end everyone came together and vowed to do whatever we could to care for her in the best way we could just as she had always done for us over all these years.
she is such a tough lady,  she is currently in rehab and determined to be back home in florida as soon as she can.  i love her spirit and her attitude. 
all of this reminded me of something that i surely already knew,  christmas isn't really about gifts or another party, it's about spending time and being there for each other, finding that place in our hearts that is filled with love for each other.  knowing this family will do whatever we can to help each other
is so comforting, every moment is another opportunity to capture all the tiny details of life  -good and bad.

and i love this quote.

life gives us what we need when we need it”
- Pam Houston, In My Next Life

love sent, xo


Anonymous said... sweet. Happy to hear she is doing better! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Such a great family, always there for each other.

Anonymous said...

So true. So happy your mom is doing better. It's all the family. :-) (pon)

Christine Caetano said...

D - I love this post and couldn't be happier to hear that Mom is on the mend and things are so much better. I'm sure it was the best gift yet! Continued strength as she recoups. Love you! Happy New Year!