Saturday, December 21, 2013

winter solstice

this is the shortest day of the year, this also means that it is the longest night of the year. part of me feels like this has been the longest week of the year.  it feels dark tonight and a bit uncomfortable. but each day after this will be longer and brighter. you can count on it.  there’s something about this day, a bone-deep awareness that the world turns on an enormous galaxy.  more than any other time of year, i’m reminded of my tiny place in the grand scheme of this universe.  something ancient and essential beats in my body like a heartbeat on the solstice, an ancient message about the interplay between light and dark.  it is so dark right now, there is darkness in my heart, but there is also so much light.  this day reminds me that such a time offers the perfect opportunity, amidst a bustling season, for quiet reflection and simple family celebration. cultures all around the world have ceremonies and activities to mark this special day.  here are a few suggestions for how to celebrate.

- gather around  a big cozy fire.
- gets lots of hugs and reassurance that we are all doing the best we can.
- light candles and ask every family member to say a prayer.   wish for what is to come as the weather warms and the days shine long and bright.
go stargazing or admire christmas light displays.  don't forget to wish upon a star!
- share a kindness   celebrate the warmth of family togetherness.
- help others.  this first day of winter reminds us that there are those struggling through the dark and cold. everyone has something they are struggling with.

i want to align my heart with the soul of solstice.  here in the darkness, i am seeing more clearly just what  i wish to cultivate,  love, laughter, comfort, peace of mind, togetherness, gratitude and joy.

wishing you and yours a wonderful season! 

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Christmas is in a few days. I guess things change when we get older. Christmas is showing kindness, love, thoughtfulness and helping your neighbor whenever you are. Love to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Special! KT :)