Thursday, December 5, 2013

the alphabet of 2013

in the spirit of lists and letters i thought this might be fun...

A - appreciation -  for all that i have.  all of the blessings in my life.

B- boston -  love this city,  it was a tough year for so many but it showed how strong this place is.
"its not just a city it's family".   blog - love my little blog, as random as it is.

C- caroline - such a little beauty.  arriving in time to see the red sox win the world series.  she made singing sweet caroline even sweeter.  children, mine, grown up and so proud of all of them. i would be less of a person without them.

D - divorce -  sadly something my sister just finished. endings are sad but i have never seen her happier.
sometimes the best kind of love a person can offer is knowing when it's time to move on even if it means saying goodbye.  not everything is meant for forever.

E - eating - my passion for food continues. but it's about so much more than just eating.

F- family - so lucky to have the amazing family i have.  florida -  where so many memories are made. our trip with anna was the best!

G - griffin such a beautiful little guy, so happy to share in his life.   girlfriends, thankful to have some loyal ones, people that would drop anything if i needed them.

H - happy - what i try to be most of the time.  hopeful - that the coming year will be as kind as this past one was.   hugs - can never get enough of them.

I - italy - it was everything i hoped it would be and more. we loved everything about it. incredible.

J - joy - to the world.  i love this time of year.

K - kindness - i am trying to practice random acts of kindness each day.  it really gives me far more pleasure than i thought it would.

L - love - i can't  live without it.

M - mom so lucky to have the one i do.

N - north conway - love being able to go there so often now.

O - open -  keep your heart open at all times.

P - patti -  my sweet friend who moved away.  so happy all is going so well and happier still that we can have our weekly chats and pick up right where we left off.

Q - quiet -  i love the first quiet in the morning when it's just, me, my coffee and the view from my office window.

R - ryan -  another gift for our family this year.  arriving precisely on the day of the world series win,  so he could join his 2 big brothers in the celebration.

S - summer nights - on the deck sipping wine = perfection.

T - thankful - for all the teachers in our family and the newest one who has been sharing a lot of time with us.

U - universe -  i like to think we are all together even those that have left us - they are looking out for us just from another place in the universe.

V - vacation - hoping to take more of them soon.   vegetables - our garden was so much fun this summer.
can't wait to do it again next year.

W - writing - i love it, always looking for more time for it.  watching - the sun rise on a beautiful snowy winter morning in maine.  such a beautiful memory.

X - xylophone because it's the best x word i can come up with.

Y - yoga something i don't do that i keep thinking might be something i might try. you are laughing aren't you?

Z - zzz - never seem to get enough of it.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

OMG you definitely have a gift to write my friend. Very well said and so happy u mentioned me. Miss you lots. xx

Anonymous said...

That was cool! KT:)

Anonymous said...

Love this.