Sunday, December 8, 2013

sharing christmas

happy sunday night friends...

today did not go as planned.  but letting go of what i might have planned has always been good for me.  i would have run around all day trying to make sure i was on track for all my errands.  checking things off my list etc. really nothing earth shattering.
every christmas has a twist all it's own,  and each year feels a little different.  you can buy fancy paper and  coordinating  ribbon, all the right presents and you can  plan, plan,  plan.  but... life  always gets in the way.  sooo when you get a day to hang out and enjoy each other,  then there is truly no better gift.  if nothing else happens this holiday season i got today and i am forever grateful. what rises up from the inside is what totally matters. my heart is so full.    the bulls eye is life being lived, feeling the good stuff and the hard stuff and knowing what matters is having each other,  look inside the box and outside the lines. the season is flying by - make every moment special.  today was so special.
thanks to my family, who amaze me every day. xoxo

"the world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." william b. yeats


Anonymous said...

Looks great! KT:)

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Anonymous said...

Always love your decorations my friend.