Monday, February 1, 2010


this morning the sun hung low in a cold morning sky.
i woke up to chill and darkness.
then i realized it was a new week, and a new month, february, the month of love.
things come in due time.
it's clear as a bell to me now.
and a person can find comfort in that.
my weekend was nice.
had some pizza with the family.
snuggled some sweet, sweet boys.
had dinner with friends.
sipped some wine.
was sure i saw tom hanks and lance armstrong.
maybe it was the wine.
lingered over coffee.
laughed at some jokes.
slept in.
got pampered.
ate some delicious sushi in a hidden spot.
dreamt of summer days, ones that allow you to dry clothes out on a line,
the kind of day where the chill from the margarita you are holding chills your summery hands.
it's coming, i know it is.
love, me xo

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Anonymous said...

love love love this pic!!