Thursday, February 11, 2010

special touch...

i love when the barista hands me a hot cup of latte with a pretty little design in the foam. but since most of us don’t have a thousand dollar cappuccino maker or a barista at home to greet us every morning with the hot beverage of our choice, i have found the next best thing. offers a stencil that you can put over your beverage, shake a little cocoa powder or cinnamon and a secret message will appear. they have over 200 ready made stencils that make life’s everyday greetings appear in your coffee or you can personalize the message of your choice.

i especially like this idea because it can apply to any scenario. it can be a fun, little sexy message between you and your sweetie. it can be an extra little positive message in your child’s morning hot chocolate. it could also be a “wow” factor at a wedding if you have an after hours coffee bar or even at the family brunch the next morning.
where else can you spend $10 to make somebody’s day?

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