Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reading is everything... where are my glasses?

over the weekend i purchased a book, (i feel bad about my neck) by nora ephron - a book that promised to be funny, sad, thought provoking and had snippets regarding food. i didn’t need one more piece of info - i knew without a moments hesitation this book would be for me. in the process of purchasing the book i realized the author had also written when harry met sally, sleepless in seattle and more. at that point i knew for sure i wouldn’t just like the book i would LOVE it - and i did.
last night as i turned the last page it felt sad to say goodbye. it’s the type of book you don’t want to end. nora weaves her life stories so perfectly. i need to get this book to my girlfriends. while reading her amusing life stories it makes you want to become best friends with her. she is full of stories that make you laugh, she is passionate about living in nyc, and she justifies big purchases like her monthly rent. she talks about her divorces and she does remind you that whether you are famous or not so famous we are all in the same boat. she made me laugh when she said she buys reading glasses in bulk and puts them all over the house and still looses them. i was still smiling when i read "why would anyone write fiction when what actually happens is so much more amazing"? ( i couldn’t agree more).   while seemingly written for aging women to commiserate about the joys of getting older, it’s still completely enjoyable for a woman of a younger generation. she talks a lot about cooking which of course i love,  so, then,  that made me want to whip something up. she gives you inspiration. she is completely loveable; she is witty, sarcastic and even whiny at times, which makes her just like your real life friends. we had such a good time together she made me laugh, and then in her light hearted way,  she made me cry. she talked about death,  and how she lost her mom and her best friend.  she spoke of them in a way that made me miss them too. she gave a brief description of what losing a loved one can feel like. it made me swallow hard and pull the covers up farther to wrap myself in comfort. but then of course in the end, she left me smiling. but it ended all to soon. we have gone our separate ways now, but i know i will be back to flip through the pages and reread the funny lines and laugh out loud when no one is around.

thanks nora.

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