Wednesday, February 3, 2010


recently a few of my friends lost their parents. this is certainly never an easy time. but on a good note these people have lived very good, long, lives which somehow is helpful. i've become preoccupied with my own demise. i have a lot of opinions on how things should be when i pass, and now is the time when i intend to make my wishes known. i hope i have fifty more years in which to change my mind. ok - well maybe that's pushing it.
i read the obituaries almost every day. first i scan them for something interesting, and then i pick a few and read them. sometimes i happen upon somebody i actually know, and that gives me a little thrill. not thrilled that they're dead. just thrilled that i found them.

i think i like obituaries because they all have a subscript, and i like to try and figure it out. i make up stories in my head, it's like a puzzle. how did they die? how did they live? what do we have in common? is anyone glad they are gone?

here are my obituary requirements:

first off if there is going to be a picture it should be a current picture, not a picture from when i was 25 and i am now dead at 90. better yet, maybe two pictures: one where i am young and cute (everyone is cute when they are young) and one where i am old and not so cute. these pictures serve to remind people i knew that i used to be cute, and to remind young and cute people that someday they are going to be old and not as cute.

it must give the cause of death. the lowell sun sometimes gives the cause of death, which saves me time in trying to figure it out.

i want it to mention all of my siblings,my parents, descendants by name, all of my husbands, kids, grand kids, etc. and if i had any "special companions" at time of death, including cats (which if you know me will never happen).

i want it to be amusing and tell a story. i don't have anything interesting about my life like serving in a war, so it's going to have to be creative. please don't put in anything embarrassing.

the rest of the details can be filled in later. applications for consideration in writing my obituary can be submitted to my email. sample flattering obits can be submitted for special consideration. bylines are negotiable. since all of my siblings should still be alive when I go, (well at least most of them) they should start writing now.

i like this obit - she sounds fiesty.


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Anonymous said...

oh my friend..there will be much to write about a beautiful person such as yourself and so many years from now. I dont think they could fit it all on the page. Dave's parents i think were honored in such a way that you got a feeling for who they might have been...and how much they loved and were loved.