Friday, March 26, 2010

bring me spring...

five senses friday is a project started by "abbey try again"  it's a writing project and  a moment for reflection a way to celebrate the quiet. hope you have a wonderful weekend.

smelling - freshly brewed coffee -  it starts the day off right.

seeing   -  glimpses of spring everywhere.

hearing  -  pink blaring "who knew"  while i dance around my house. tuning everything else out.

feeling  -  grateful for lunch with a special friend.

tasting  -  thin mints for breaksfast.  it's not exactly diet but it is friday right?

there are moments in a lifetime where you feel like you’re seeing everything for the first time. it could be a new challenge, old fixes that need to be made or an inspired story. for me, it’s all those things. i hear the bells of panic ringing loud and clear from changes. it’s ruining the quiet confidence in my head. but i also feel the warm promise of a positive solution where everyone will be happy.  maybe my lesson this week is to understand that although uncertainty smells a little funny; it probably tastes pretty fabulous once it’s been prepared, seasoned and cooked to perfection; just like the best ideas.  xoxo

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