Thursday, March 25, 2010

find your way...


remember yesterday i said i was cranky? well i was,  just ask some of the people that had to deal with me.  i was looking through the cranky lens.  today i am not. what a difference a day makes. yesterday a whole series of things spilling over from the night before came splashing down.  some days are like that. so glad they don't last very long.
happiness is, in my mind, a mental choice. we'll all have adversity, challenges, and setbacks, but we get to decide how we'll handle them. we get to decide to view things as opportunities. we get to decide to be nice. we get to decide who we work with and what kind of ways in which we’ll work. when i’m not over-committed, i generally can keep perspective and make good choices. lately i have been overcommitted.

i think every year as we get older rules change a little for living. you  realize how some things are just
not worth getting worked up over. i believe there are some ways you can remind yourself to keep happy.
and remember,  if you are not happy you can't make other people happy. 

keep a thankful journal,  you can remind yourself when you are down how lucky you are.(sounds silly
but it works)
sleep is valuable, don't skimp on it.
surround yourself with a good environnment, it can bring you peace.
remind yourself it's the journey,  not the destination.
stress can kill you,  work to avoid it.
don't turn down an opportunity because you fear the result.
keep a list of things you wish you knew and find the time to learn them.
don't let weaknesses affect your strengths.
flowers,  buy yourself  flowers.
mark down happy moments. small details are probably what really make you happy.
everyday stop and use your eyes like a camera come to a dead stop for a couple of seconds take it all in. you'll see the world differently.
give to yourself, give to others.
with every choice ask if it simplifies or complicates things.
almost any obstacle can be overcome if you genuinely work at it.
love people, they are the key to life. meet them, listen to them, learn from them,
view everyone like an encyclopedia with a beating heart. 

love sent, xo

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