Friday, March 12, 2010

friday thoughts...

this is what i know.

i know god exists. and i know he will always be there.

i know that life is hard but i will never give up. and because of that, i know i have lived my life with grace.

i know that every person i've encountered entered my life for a reason, and had something extraordinary to teach me.

i know we need to experience the bitter,  in order to experience the sweet.

i know that tomorrows are a chance to live yesterdays better.

i know that crying is good for the heart,

and hugs are good for the soul.

i know that a life without trials, is merely a life without lessons.

i know that regret is just a six letter word. there are no regrets, there are only lessons learned.

i know life is a form of not being sure, and that is beautiful.

i know that the beauty of life will always overpower the ugly days.

and i know that no matter how many times i am lost, i will always be found.

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